Bunnies for Egg My Yard 2020

April 11, 2020 @ 9:00 pm – April 12, 2020 @ 2:00 am
Kelli Pfitzner

We need you to help bring some fun to a family’s life by playing Easter Bunny. Once the sun goes down, you will be delivering orders of candy/toy-filled eggs to homes around the area, and hiding them in the yard. You can hide them in trees, on the ground, hang with string from trees, on the yard statue, under bushes…have fun with this! It’s not every day you get to play a ninja bunny (:

We do suggest you bring some friends or family with you to enjoy in the fun. We are so thrilled to have you join us in this exciting and wonderful event that brings lots of joy to those within our communities.

Thank You for all your help in keeping this event alive. It is such a great feeling when you see the pictures of these children thrilled to find their treasures. We are not sure who has the most fun, the kids who are hunting or our bunnies who did the hiding. Thank you!

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