The Produce Project

A volunteer run nonprofit organization connecting and serving hundreds of local families. Instead of profits, what they make is donations -between 1,000 and 2,000 lbs per week that go to hungry families in Raleigh and Bridge the Gap Mission benefits. Order your share here to help contribute.



Carolina Cares

Carolina Cares partners with Bridge The Gap Mission on community outreach. Carolina Cares provides a crowd-sourced Facebook community of almost 10, 000 members to provide resources, and draw volunteer support and donors for these events. This year, once COVID-19 restrictions began to relax, we held several community events including a free community yard sale with clothing, shoes, housewares and food distribution for over 100 community members, as well as a $1 winter apparel sale and free community yard sale with over 80 families in attendance. Together, we are currently working on plans for a Santa's Workshop event, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas meal distribution.

Please consider joining the Carolina Cares Facebook page at to volunteer and donate, or contact via email at for ways to help.